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About Us

If you are looking for an easy way to find people by name, email address and phone number, or you need to instantly get information on individual online, you can try our people search services in the USA. Sometimes, it could be a challenging task to find a certain person and their contact details. However, you can use our search engine and get relevant and exact data on millions of people.

But how can you start using the site search? First of all, the website search engine generates a matching background list after users enter a first name or surname of a person they want to find. Another option is to add a telephone number or address. Moreover, we recommend adding a middle name as it will help to provide the exact search results in a faster way. Users can also include additional data into the search box or filter the results by writing the person’s city or state. If you want to see the exact matches and carefully check people from the United States, you can make a few tries to achieve the best results. If the search list did not show the person you’ve been looking for, do not give up and try to enter only a few details like surname and state to get more chances!

Ofsearch is the best online service to start a person search. Our professional team created advanced tools to find people according to your search queries. You can view public records, make a background search, connect with old friends and even send cards. If you found a pet, you can easily connect with owners now. Try our free service and check for yourself!

Useful Tips to Quickly Find People

To quickly start your search at the site, you can add an individual name, surname or middle name into the search box. You can start people lookup by names or by locations as well. Let’s see the examples to clarify all details:

  • Start to type the full name of the person you want to find from his/her first name Anna

  • Then you can add a surname and hit 'Enter' Anna Flores

  • Adding a middle name is a good way to narrow your search results Anna L Flores or Anna Lee Flores

What’s more? You can include the name and a geographical location like a person’s city, state and zip code and narrow the results, for example:

  • Enter name and surname to start a search: Anna Lee Flores

  • Enter the location into the search box: San Diego, CA

Other important tips to follow:

  • The information in our database is updated every minute, so if you want to find someone faster and get an exact match list, it is better to add state, city and even age details. If the person’s surname is popular and common in the United States, it may show lots of results, therefore, try to set up filters by adding more details and repeat the search after a while.

  • If you do not know a person’s city or zip code, you can try to get more results by adding only a name and surname. You just need to remove the previous details about geolocation and renew your search.

  • In case, you could not find any information and you still have issues with people finder service, you can make a relatives search. You just need to include their personal data and check the list.

If you still need help or you are looking for advice and additional tips, please contact us!

Upgrade Your Free Account to Get More Features

First of all, starting searching for people is free for anyone who uses the website services. Why is it so? Our company cares about its users and offers the best services.

So you can start your search and check the common details of a person for free. Nevertheless, not all provided information and advanced features on the site is accessible for free. Sometimes, it could be a huge challenge for the companies in this field to find and present detailed information, especially, when you have to search and provide exact data of an individual who lives in the United States, covering all states searches. Additionally, companies may face a person's information/data gaps. That is why a professional team has to regularly make improvements on the website's services and tools to show users the best results that are up-to-date and correspond to reality.

Benefits You Can Get

Quickly Find People

By using the service, you will get all the needed information about the person.

Check Phone Numbers

Wonder who is calling? See owners’ names by identifying them with our search engine.

See Address Details

If you need to view residents or apartment owners, you can get data by using our site.

Make a Background Check

You can see criminal/police records or financial details with a few clicks.

Check Out Your Tenant

Make sure, you are dealing with the person who has a great credit history.

View Business Details

You can easily get company details such as an address, phone, email and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a search engine to find people?

Before clicking on the search button, you have to write a person’s name in the search panel. To get the exact match, we recommend adding as much information as possible. You can include a certain geographical location, state or zip code. An advanced search engine system will filter profiles and show accurate results according to your request. After, you can check the provided list and choose a person you’ve been looking for. The service will provide contact details and needed information upon your request.

Is the service free to use?

Yes, the people finder service is free to use. Hundreds of users apply a search engine every day to find people and their contact details, including phone numbers and addresses in the USA. You can also create an account and upgrade your subscription to Premium to get more features and see additional data. The subscription also offers special offers and discounts.

Is it possible to find a person who lives nearby?

The site provides advanced tools that help to narrow search results and set up filters according to your needs. Therefore, you can easily find true people who live in your area or check the contact details of a person from another state. To find an individual from your city, you have to add the city name in a search panel. If you do not know the exact location, you can add a state or zip code.

Is there an option to search for criminal records or history without paying extra money?

Looking for criminal/police reports at our service is possible. However, as it is difficult to find such data for free, we take a small payment for this service. As it takes lots of time and, basically, it is a hard process due to the states or local companies' policies, we provide such records after users subscribe to the Premium account. Our company cares about users and tries to provide the best information and background records to save time.

Is it possible to search and find a lost person with the lookup option?

Our company is your reliable partner in finding basic information about people. We also help to search for lost people, relatives or friends. Ofsearch has lots of success stories every month, therefore, it could be a great option to try our search engine. You just need to add an individual name in the search box and see a list of founded profiles. You can also include a city or location to bring more chances of finding a lost person.

Is it free to make a background check?

If you want to get background records, you have to use our search box and see the needed data. The web browsers are full of information, including social accounts that are free to use and search, so such records you can get for free in one place. But you can face the limits, as some information requires more time to gather. As our company checks millions of records, including criminal archives, etc., we also offer paid services and detailed background data.

How to start searching for people’s public records?

For example, personal public records could be estate data or criminal documents. Such public records are hard to find as this information is provided by local state firms. Our company tries to get such data and provide access to it for easy users' searches. If you want to start searching for public information, make background research and get history, you can use the search options in your account.

Is it possible to find people by using only their names?

You can search and find people by entering their names and it'll take only a few simple clicks. At our site, you can easily find a person, particularly if you already have their surname or name. Just enter an individual name in the search panel and see the results. You can also get a phone, home-address and more.

Is it possible to find a person by a phone number?

By using our service, you can easily find an individual by adding their phone number. You can also perform reverse searching. It is an amazing online site for discovering who made a call, including the information about the owner’s address, geolocation, business, and other personal records.

Is there an option to find people by adding their addresses?

Yes, you can start looking for people by adding their addresses, you can also find information about residents, estate owners, etc. You can also make a simple reverse searching. You just need to add the home-address, click on the search button and check out the provided results. The service will provide a list with possible surnames of landlords, homeowners or tenants. For more data, you can click on a provided individual name and see a detailed profile.

Why Should You Try Ofsearch?

Ofsearch offers the best search engine and advanced services to find people online. It is a free site with person finder tools that helped many users find contact details of people from the United States. Now, you can quickly see individual phone numbers, check out the background and public information within personal records in all states. Our company is your solution to finding useful information and contact details online in a few clicks. Millions of users are making searches every day, join them now!