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  • 1573 County Line Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53217 (414) 352-4025 (414) 352-4042
  • River Hills, WI
  • Menomonee Falls, WI
  • 1573 W County Line Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53217 (414) 352-4025


Position: Homemaker


Degree: Associate degree or higher


Us Patents

Coil Winding Machine

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US Patent:
48707422, Oct 3, 1989
Jan 2, 1987
Appl. No.:
Frederick W. Roloff - Milwaukee WI
Cooper Power Systems, Inc. - Houston TX
International Classification:
B21F 3027
B21F 304
H01F 4104
US Classification:
A coil winding machine for winding a bar type conductor into a coil. The conductor is withdrawn from a reel by a feeding mechanism and passes through a straightening mechanism which also positions the conductor in both a horizontal plane of reference and a vertical plane of reference which is maintained while the conductor is progressing through the machine. An encoder measures the length of the conductor as it passes by and when the required length is measured the cut-off mechanism is actuated to cut the conductor. The conductor moves a taping assembly that applies insulating tape to both edges of the conductor for insulating adjacent turns from each other in the completed coil. A bending mechanism then bends the leading end of the conductor at an angle to the length of the conductor to form a terminal for the coil. This bent end is then clamped to the mandrel. As the mandrel is rotated it is also moved axially to wind the conductor about it in a helical path to form the coil.
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