Michael G Mazarakis

from Albuquerque, NM
Age ~87

Michael Mazarakis Phones & Addresses

  • 933 Bobcat Blvd, Albuquerque, NM 87122 (505) 822-1026 (505) 856-1367
  • 9125 Copper Ave NE APT 605, Albuquerque, NM 87123
  • 933 Bobcat Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87122


Position: Phd physicist principal member of


Degree: Associate degree or higher


Defense & Space



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Phd Physicist Principal Member Of

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3260 Spirit Dr southeast, Albuquerque, NM 87106
Defense & Space

Phd Physicist Principal Member of

Sandia National Laboratories
Phd Physicist Principal Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories


Us Patents

Petawatt Pulsed-Power Accelerator

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US Patent:
7679297, Mar 16, 2010
Aug 4, 2006
Appl. No.:
William A. Stygar - Albuquerque NM, US
Michael E. Cuneo - Albuquerque NM, US
Daniel I. Headley - Albuquerque NM, US
Harry C. Ives - Albuquerque NM, US
Ramon J. Leeper - Albuquerque NM, US
Michael G. Mazarakis - Albuquerque NM, US
Craig L. Olson - Albuquerque NM, US
John L. Porter - Sandia Park NM, US
Tim C. Wagoner - Albuquerque NM, US
Sandia Corporation - Albuquerque NM
International Classification:
H05H 9/00
US Classification:
315505, 315501, 315 541
A petawatt pulsed-power accelerator can be driven by various types of electrical-pulse generators, including conventional Marx generators and linear-transformer drivers. The pulsed-power accelerator can be configured to drive an electrical load from one- or two-sides. Various types of loads can be driven; for example, the accelerator can be used to drive a high-current z-pinch load. When driven by slow-pulse generators (e. g. , conventional Marx generators), the accelerator comprises an oil section comprising at least one pulse-generator level having a plurality of pulse generators; a water section comprising a pulse-forming circuit for each pulse generator and a level of monolithic triplate radial-transmission-line impedance transformers, that have variable impedance profiles, for each pulse-generator level; and a vacuum section comprising triplate magnetically insulated transmission lines that feed an electrical load. When driven by LTD generators or other fast-pulse generators, the need for the pulse-forming circuits in the water section can be eliminated.

Autogenerator Of Beams Of Charged Particles

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US Patent:
45830258, Apr 15, 1986
Oct 31, 1983
Appl. No.:
Richard J. Adler - Albuquerque NM
Michael G. Mazarakis - Albuquerque NM
Robert B. Miller - Albuquerque NM
Steven L. Shope - Albuquerque NM
David L. Smith - Albuquerque NM
The United States of America as represented by the United States
Department of Energy - Washington DC
International Classification:
H01J 2500
US Classification:
315 4
An autogenerating apparatus provides secondary intense relativistic current beam pulses in response to an injected beam pulse. One or more electromagnetic energy storage devices are provided in conjunction with gaps along a beam propagation path for the injected beam pulse. For injected beam pulses which are no longer than double the transit time of electromagnetic waves within the storage devices (which may be resonant cavities), distinct secondary beam pulses are generated by each of the energy storage devices. The beam propagation path, together with the one or more gaps provided therein, operates as a pulse forming transmission line cavity, in which the separate cavities associated with the gaps provide delays for electromagnetic waves generated at the gaps. After doubly traversing the cavity, the electromagnetic waves cause the gap to generate the secondary beam pulses, which are thus delayed by a time interval equal to the double transit time for the induced wave within the cavity.
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