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Beach Umbrella Anchor Bag

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US Patent:
54528771, Sep 26, 1995
Sep 20, 1994
Appl. No.:
Mary A. Riffle - Woodbridge VA
Gilbert L. Riffle - Woodbridge VA
Karen R. Sampson - Manassas VA
Penny R. McCeney - Woodbridge VA
International Classification:
A45B 100
US Classification:
A beach umbrella anchor bag is filled with a loose weighted material (i. e. , sand or the like) and secured about the shaft of a beach umbrella to secure the umbrella in place against movement due to wind or other causes. The bag includes a relatively small bottom opening, allowing the shaft to be passed therethrough to penetrate the underlying surface for greater security. The bottom opening may be closed with a flap secured thereover, so the bag may be used for the carriage of other articles when not anchoring an umbrella or the like. The upper portion of the bag includes umbrella shaft attachment panels therein, which secure to the umbrella shaft to prevent relative movement therebetween, and the top opening of the bag includes a draw string to secure the mouth of the bag around the shaft to prevent spillage of material from the bag. The attachment panels may comprise hook and loop fastening material such as Velcro (tm), and cooperating flaps are provided within the bag to seal the inner panels against the intrusion of foreign matter when they are not secured to the umbrella shaft, and to preclude their attachment to articles carried in the bag. The bag may be formed of any suitable sheet of flexible material, such as Nylon (tm) taffeta, or other suitable durable material.
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