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Context-Based Device Arbitration

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US Patent:
20200211554, Jul 2, 2020
Jan 24, 2020
Appl. No.:
- Seattle WA, US
Lalithkumar Rajendran - San Jose CA, US
Ravi Kiran Rachakonda - San Jose CA, US
Venkata Snehith Cherukuri - San Jose CA, US
Deepak Uttam Shah - Milpitas CA, US
Maziyar Khorasani - San Francisco CA, US
Vinodth Kumar Mohanam - Santa Clara CA, US
International Classification:
G10L 15/22
G10L 15/28
G10L 15/18
G10L 25/84
This disclosure describes, in part, context-based device arbitration techniques to select a voice-enabled device from multiple voice-enabled devices to provide a response to a command included in a speech utterance of a user. In some examples, the context-driven arbitration techniques may include determining a ranked list of voice-enabled devices that are ranked based on audio signal metric values for audio signals generated by each voice-enabled device, and iteratively moving through the list to determine, based on device states of the voice-enabled devices, whether one of the voice-enabled devices can perform an action responsive to the command. If the voice-enabled devices that detected the speech utterance are unable to perform the action responsive to the command, all other voice-enabled devices associated with an account may be analyzed to determine whether one of the other voice-enabled devices can perform the action responsive to the command in the speech utterance.
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