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Manhole Cover Locator And Method Of Paving

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US Patent:
51958414, Mar 23, 1993
May 13, 1991
Appl. No.:
Relis A. Mullins - Eugene OR
International Classification:
G01K 1106
E02D 2914
E02B 1504
US Classification:
404 72
The locator includes a main body having a cup formed therein by an upright wall in which an indicator is slidably disposed. A spring within said main body urges the indicator upwardly to the surface of newly laid molten asphalt. A heat fusible retainer is carried within the upright wall of the main body in the path of the locator to normally retain same in place against spring action. Heat from the asphalt causes fusing of the retainer for release of the indicator which is repositioned to the surface of the asphalt material to facilitate locating of a buried street cover. A method is disclosed for paving a roadway having utility covers in place in the roadway.
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